10 Tips to Keep Your Ayurvedic Clients Coming Back

10 Tips to Keep Your Ayurvedic Clients Coming Back

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10 Tips to Keep Your Ayurvedic Clients Coming Back

Are you having lots of initial consultations but then never hearing from people after that? Below are 10 tips to help you inspire your clients to return to you again and again!

1. Get On Social Media!

Being active by posting once a day or every other day on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest (just to name a few) shows your current and potential clients that you are not afraid to share your experience and knowledge. It is an efficient way to build trust with the online community and establish yourself as an expert in your field. In this day and age where technology has inserted itself into almost every aspect of our lives, and people are able to find thousands of Ayurvedic professionals with just a few clicks, it is essential to stand out and show what is unique about you and your approach. 

2. Communicate With Existing Customers Regularly

When you talk to or even visit your regular clients, you will likely find they have referrals for you - people to reach out to who may need your services, which ultimately leads to new business. With all that your existing customers can do for you (and vice versa of course), there just isn't a reason to not stay in regular, consistent contact with them. Get creative and come up with ways to keep in touch with them and continue to offer them valuable information in-between consultations. 

3. Provide Incentives to Your Clients for Return Business

Each business is unique so what you offer your clients for coming back again and again will vary. Discounts on a series of consultations and products purchased in larger amounts are common and effective, as well as offering rewards for referring their friends and family to you. With so many options out there easily accessible these days, adding incentives into your business can encourage more repeat business.  

4. Provide Great Customer Service!

This is self-explanatory, but definitely still important enough to be included. Customer service IS your business! If you give your clients 100% of your effort and attention and continue to focus on what you can be doing that is of service to them, you will build a loyal customer base! 

5. Be Consistent and Reliable

Another one that is easily understood but still important and often overlooked. When you say something will be delivered by a certain date or you book a consultation for 3 p.m., make sure that package is delivered by that day and you're at least 5 minutes early to every session. Especially as a healer, you want your clients to know that you will be on time and available when you say you will be! 

6. Remember Your Clients’ Names and Personal Details

Who doesn't love this? It makes your clients feel special and safe with you, which helps them open up to you even more, making their healing deeper and their experience with you that much better.

7. Send Out Surveys

Want to know what services your clients wish you offered? Thinking about setting up a workshop but not sure how many people would be interested? Wondering how everyone enjoyed the recipe you sent out last week? Send out a survey! This is another good reason to have an email list set up so you can easily send out a survey to all of your clients and get their priceless opinion. 

8. Consider “Follow Up” Calls Growing Your Business

Following up with a personal phone call no more than 3-4 days after someone's first session with you may seem time consuming or pointless, but it is absolutely an essential part of growing your business. Following up will remind your client of you and your services, and they will feel totally special!

9. Pass On Information

If you are reading an article or book that reminds you of one of your clients and what they may be struggling with, send it to them! Don’t be afraid to forward the article, recommend a book or, even better, meet in person and hand off some interesting reading or watching material. Especially with something like Ayurveda, your job as a healer and guide doesn’t end when the consultation is over. Always be on the lookout for information that could come from a third-party source that is helpful and enlightening for your clients. This kind of thoughtfulness will return to you tenfold!

10. Most Of All, Keep It Warm, Helpful & Personal!

 Basically, be yourself! Don't let any problems you may be having in your own life leak out into your professional life and your relationship with your clients. Before speaking or interacting in any way with someone you work with, get centered and calm and practice feelings of empowerment and peace. This will exude into your professional life and create a happy, loyal client base of people seeing great results with the power of Ayurveda!

10 Tips to Keep Your Ayurvedic Clients Coming Back

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The purpose of this article is to provide information about Ayurveda. This information is not intended for use in the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. If you have any serious acute or chronic health problems please consult a trained health professional. If you are seeking the medical advice of a trained Ayurvedic practitioner or doctor, call (800) 215-9934 or email us at contact@kottakkal.shop and we will provide you with our affiliated practitioners. Check with your doctor before taking herbs or using essential oils when pregnant or nursing.

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