For Practitioners: How To Make Your Ayurvedic Clients Happier In 2017

For Practitioners: How To Make Your Ayurvedic Clients Happier In 2017

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For Practitioners: How To Make Your Ayurvedic Clients Happier In 2017

2017: A new year, a fresh start for your Ayurveda business! Whether you mainly give consultations and prescribe herbs out of your house or you have a retreat center and concentrate on offering services like abhyanga and Panchakarma, great customer service can be an incredible boost to your company. Happy customers will stay with you longer and the word-of-mouth buzz can grow your client base exponentially. But how can you make your customer service wow-worthy?

Here at Kottakkal Ayurveda, creating an amazing experience with us and with our products is one of our core values, and we aim to make our clients’ days brighter and, of course, healthier. Besides answering phones, returning emails in a timely manner and offering amazing partnerships and classical Ayurvedic products, we’ve developed quite a few ways for you, as an Ayurvedic professional, to foster happiness and trust in your clients. Here are five ways we make our clients smile – you may find that they’re what your clients need too!

  1. Handwrite notecards. Especially these days, most of the snail mail people get is junk mail and bills — who doesn’t like to receive a bit of personal mail? Just about anything can be an occasion to write: a birthday, a major life change or a milestone in their journey with Ayurveda. Delight your clients by dropping a surprise note in the mail! Including a little gift like a magnet with an inspirational saying about health and a small mention of your business name or website can also have a double effect: please your client and get some free advertising on their fridge!
  2. Follow up calls with an email and vice versa. If someone calls you interested in a consultation, make sure to get their email, even if they don’t book with you right away. Have great content to offer them, like an ebook of recipes or tips to heal digestion, so they will have incentive to give you their contact information. This will remind them that your business exists and build confidence in your knowledge and expertise. It’s the same thing if someone sends you an email – schedule a time to call. Voice-to-voice contact can also build trust and help you move your prospect into being a client.
  3. Be flexible. Especially when working in the Ayurveda industry with so many different types of personalities, constitutions and treatments, it’s important to remember not all situations are one-size-fits-all. Different clients will need different approaches, treatments and amounts of your time. Be easy about the process of working with someone, and remember that while the principles stay the same in Ayurveda, everything else will be unique to the individual.
  4.  Listen. This one’s pretty basic, but it bears repeating: listen to your clients. Sometimes all it takes to make your client happy is to make them feel heard. If they sound emotional, rather than interrupting them, take a minute to listen closely and let them vent. Try also repeating what your client says back to them to reassure them that you’ve understood their concerns and that you have solutions to their health concerns. Being compassionate and responsive can make a huge impact.
  5. Check back in. Is your client’s next milestone a major change for them? Don’t stop at offering advice and product recommendations! Always check in with them regularly to make sure the recommended products and treatments are producing results. Just knowing that you are thinking of them and values them enough to take that time will make for some happy clients!

In addition to making your clients happier, resolve to make yourself happier! Happiness is good for you in all ways, and it’s contagious. If you’re smiling, relaxed, and have more time to focus on your work and yourself, your clients will notice. And as always, the team at Kottakkal Ayurveda is here to offer the best classical Ayurvedic products in the world and as much helpful content as we can create. We wish you and your Ayurvedic practice the very best in 2017! Happy New Year!

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