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Two Types of Fever

Fever manifests in two ways, from our external environment (infectious disease or trauma) and our internal environment (morbid dosa/s). Fever is both acute and chronic, and both conditions can occur from either an external or internal cause (1).         

Early Subtle Signs of Fever

Ayurveda recognizes there are early subtle signs before the onset of fever. These early signs may continue through the course of the fever. These early signs or symptoms occur according to the person's predisposition and the morbid dosa/s involved (1).


unusual taste in mouth - aversion to the sweet taste
favoring sour, salty or pungent foods - aversion to food
low appetite - indigestion
watery eyes or restless eyes
excessive sleep - excessive yawning - insomnia
shivering - horripilation
exhaustion with no reason - body-ache - malaise or lethargy
mental agitation - giddiness or delirium
intolerant to sound - sensitive to the scent of flowers/perfumes
aversion to cold, wind or heat and sensitive teeth


 Ayurvedic recommendations

When acute fever symptoms arise, Ayurveda recommends a light fasting diet. It is known that fever originates in the stomach, by overeating ama develops and will increase fever. Taking herbal Kashayams, Kwathams or Arishtams are useful for early symptoms of fever, along with shodhana or shamana therapies, fumigation, herbal smoke therapy, herbal eyewash, and light soup diet (1).   

In all types of chronic fever, the internal use of ghritam is recommended. Ghrita pacifies vata by its unctuousness, pitta by its coldness, and kapha when combined with kapha pacifying herbs. Ghrita is useful, like a fire subsides with water. As water is sprinkled on burning houses to douse the fire, ghee is administered to manage chronic fever (2).  

  1. Caraka Samhita, Nidana sthāna 1/32-36
  2. Caraka Samhita, Nidana sthāna 1/37-40


 Ayurvedic Products

  • Kachuradi Churnam – useful in fever, headache, vertigo, sleeplessness, anxiety disorders.
  • Rasnadi Churnam – useful in rhinitis, headache, fever.
  • For external use only.
  • Indukanta Ghritam - useful in various debilitating disorders, ascites, gastric discomforts, acid-reflux, intermittent fever, and fatigue - increases resistance power.
  • Vilwadi Gulika - useful in mild fever, poisoning of different origin, diarrhea and mal-absorption.
  • Amritotharam Kashayam - fever of varied etiology, early stages of rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic fever.
  • Brahmidrakshadi Kashayam - useful in fever, complications from alcohol intoxication, vomiting, vertigo, burning sensation, general debility, liver disorders, anxiety, stress, insomnia.
  • Jivantyadi Kashayam - useful for the treatment of fever with eruptions.
  • Shadangam Kashayam - indigestion, fever, and excessive thirst.
  • Aragwadhadi Kwatham - useful in kapha disorders related to fever, skin lesions, itches, ulcers.
  • Balaguluchyadi Kwatham - useful in rheumatoid arthritis, swelling in the joints, burning sensation, pain, and fever.
  • Dhanwantaram Kwatham - useful in fever, post-natal care, fracture of bone, anxiety, mental stress, gas trouble, pelvic inflammatory diseases, urinary obstruction, and hernia.
  • Guluchyadi Kwatham – useful in fever with a burning sensation and excessive body heat, rheumatism, gout, urticaria, indigestion.
  • Indukantam Kwatham – useful in various debilitating disorders, ascites, gastric discomforts, acid-reflux, intermittent fever, and fatigue - increases resistance power.
  • Nimbamritadi Panchatiktam Kwatham - useful in fever, boils and arthritis, detoxifies the blood, prevents spreading of infectious diseases such as Dengue and Malaria.
  • Sitajvarari Kwatham - useful in acute fever, rhinorrhea, congestion of throat and body ache.
  • Lakshadi Oil - useful in convalescence of chronic fever, psychosis, seizure disorders, promotes growth in infants and children.

NOTEWORTHY – It is fascinating to notice, different ayurvedic products for fever originating from various problems, whereas in Allopathy, only one medicine, namely paracetamol, is recommended. How elaborate is Ayurveda is any body’s guess? As Ayurvedic products act slowly, the patient should not wait. If the temperature is running high, like 102-degree patients should seek medical treatment with their known physician.


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