Ghritams Panchakarma Product Highlight

Unique Properties of Ghritams

Ayurveda recognizes four types of fats; ghrita (ghee), oil (sesame), vasa (muscle), and majjā (marrow). The unique properties of ghrita stay intact, even when combined with herbs of differing qualities does not lose its own qualities. Ghrita alleviates pitta and vata and is beneficial for rasa, shukra and oja. It provides relief from burning sensation, softens the tissues, improves voice and complexion [Ca. Su. 13/13-14].

In all types of jīrṇa jwara (chronic fever), the internal use of Ghritams is recommended. Ghrita pacifies vata by its unctuousness, pitta by its coldness, and kapha when combined with kapha pacifying herbs. Therefore, ghrita is useful in all forms of jīrṇa jwara like fire subsides with water. As water is sprinkled on burning houses to douse the fire, ghee is administered to manage chronic fever [Ca. Ni. 1/37].

No other sneha brings the unique properties of ghrita. It has a unique ability to adapt the properties of the herbs it's processed with, without losing its own properties. If ghrita is processed with herbs with nourishment properties, then it is indicated in degenerative diseases. If it is processed with herbs having detoxification properties, it is then indicated in obstructive diseases [Ca. Ni. 1/38-39].


Ghritams as Snehapana


Snehapana is the internal drinking of Ghritam in preparation for pañcakarma. Some of the most common pañcakarma Ghritams are Indukanta GhritamGuggulutiktaka GhritamMahatiktaka Ghritam, Mahatraiphala Ghritam, and Sukumara Ghritam. They prepare the body for detoxification, as well as nourishment.


Popular Ghritams


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