From Dr. Vishu: Three Herbal Products to Increase Immunity

From Dr. Vishu: Three Herbal Products to Increase Immunity

Ayurveda During Pandemic Cold & Flu Immunity

Three Herbal Products to Increase Immunity During a Global Pandemic

By Dr. Vishu

Presently the whole world is panicking with Covid19 which is the pandemic situation as per WHO. This Covid19 virus is very new to the human body which has symptoms very similar to Influenza. This is also considered as a flu virus but the only thing it has more aggressive symptoms than flu which affects the lungs and the respiratory system.

Everyone has a question on how to deal with this foreign body. Let’s see how Ayurveda looks at this condition. Ayurveda always focuses on the root cause of the conditions rather than symptoms. Once you get to know the root cause of the disease, it is easy to address.

We are aware that almost all disease comes from viruses, bacteria’s, fungus and parasites. From the Ayurvedic perspective, these organisms are compared with Ama (Toxic material). This ama is produced by imbalanced Rasadhatu (Plasma) which is the first formed dhatu (Tissue) from the essence of food at the level of its metabolic transformation and it is the dhatu that can provide precursor material for the formation of all other dhatu. This imbalanced dhatu produces abnormal cell which has abnormal genetic material. This type of cell starts behaving abnormally and attacks on different systems of the body and eventually produces different health conditions.

Ayurveda acharya Vagabhat says Ama dosha is the main cause for all Vyadhi (diseases). This ama produced due to Agnimandya (Vitiation of Agni – Digestive fire). In general, we can say, Ama is nothing but indigested food particles(Toxic substance) which is not helpful to nourish our body but brings imbalance within the body and mind, eventually contributes to developing diseases.

As we know strong immunity is needed to fight with any type of foreign body or disease, we have this immune system which is given by nature. So, Ayurveda says, to fix this Covid19 three major areas need to be addressed.

  1. To boost immunity
  2. To improve Agni (Digestive fire)
  3. To prevent viral activity

Ayurveda recommended many different Ayurvedic medicines to boost the immune system. Among these medicines

Dasamula Arishtam is a very powerful and potent health tonic to boost immunity as well as strengthen the lungs and the respiratory system. It helps to balance Vata – Kapha dosha (Biological energies of the body). It is also beneficial to remove toxins and strengthen the body. In acute fever, it helps to fight off infectious microbes and decreases the intensity of symptoms such as headache, restlessness, etc. It has some immunomodulator herbs to improve immunity.

Further to address Agni which is nothing but digestive fire. Ayurveda always says, once should keep their digestive fire very strong. As you everyone is aware that fire can burn out anything.

Pippalya Asavam is a very potent health tonic to kindle digestive fire. This health tonic acts as Deepan (Increases appetite) and Pachan (Improves digestion). It is also detoxifying in its action, which reduces the formation and accumulation of Ama (Toxins) in the body. It is been used for cough and breathlessness conditions.

The last but very important area to address is a virus directly. Tiktakam Kwatham is an Ayurvedic herbal compound supplement which is a robust Anti-viral. This will help to prevent any type of infection and creates protective within your body. Also, it purifies and cleanses the liver and blood.

 Dr. Vishu BAMS, MD (AYUR)


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