Dasamula Arishtam Support for Coughs

Dasamula Arishtam Support for Coughs

Cold and Cough Vaidya Vishwanath


Coughing is a natural urge that helps clear the respiratory system from irritants and mucus caused by respiratory infections, allergies, acid reflux and many other disorders. Coughs can become chronic even after a cold or flu has gone away.

When a person coughs a lot, it can be a sign of low immunity. Ayurveda understands the importance of discovering the under lying root cause in order to support fast and long lasting relief from the pain of a chronic cough.

Dasamula Arishtam is an effective but gentle Ayurvedic herbal remedy to relieve even the most stubborn winter cough!

Managing A Cough with the Healing Power of Ayurveda

Ayurveda refers to coughing as kasa and it is a disorder of the respiratory system which occurs due to the obstruction of vata dosha. Prana vayu (respiratory system) is obstructed and vata dosha moves in a reverse direction. Vata attains an upward direction and is forced out and makes a specific sound called kasa.

What causes kasa according to Ayurveda?

  • Ati-vyayama: excessive exercising causes dryness in the airway
  • Dhumaupaghata: excessive smoke causes dryness and irritates the airway
  • Ati- Rukshanna sevana: consuming too many dry foods
  • Vegadharana: suppressing natural urges like hunger and sleep
  • Kshavathu: suppression of sneezing

Using Dasamula Arishtam for All Types of Coughs

Dasamula Arishtam contains the well-known herbal formula Dasamula. Dasamula means ten (dasha) and mula (roots), and is a classical formula known to rejuvenate and improve bodily strength and immunity. The ten roots are the prime ingredients of Dasamula Arishtam, along with sugar. The sugar mildly ferments the Dasamula, which helps the herbs penetrate deeper and faster in the body. The herbal properties of Dasamula are anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial.

According to the classical Ayurvedic texts, Dasamula balances both vata and kapha dosha and provides strength to the body. It helps clear the respiratory system and removes the accumulated mucus. It improves strength because its action enhances appetite and encourages proper digestion. The ten roots are also known as an immunomodulator because the herbs improve immunity.

How and When to Take Dasamula Arishtam

The minimum amount of time to take Dasamula Arishtam is two months and but it’s also safe for longer durations when recommended by an Ayurvedic practitioner.

Adult dosage: take 10 ml to 15 ml with ½ cup of room temperature water 3 times per day after meals.

Ages 3 to 10 years: take 5ml with ¼ cup of room temperature water 3 times per day after meals.

Ages11 to 18 years: take 10ml with ½ cup of room temperature water 3 times per day after meals.

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Why is it important to consult with an Ayurvedic practitioner?

To fully support healing from chronic coughing, it is necessary to understand the root cause. When vata is deeply aggravating the respiratory tissue, it helps to have an Ayurvedic practitioner investigate the underlying root cause. Once the root cause is known the best diet and supplements will help speed up the healing process.

The importance of identifying the root cause cannot be stated enough, as it paves the pathway to make the appropriate changes to your diet and lifestyle. Following the advice from a personalized Ayurvedic consultation will change your life and will give you the knowledge required to maintain your best health.

If you book a consultation, you will receive a personalized diet, lifestyle, and herbal protocol that will balance your doshas and relieve your symptoms.

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