Five Classical Ayurveda Products for Coughs, Indigestion and Fatigue

Five Classical Ayurveda Products for Coughs, Indigestion and Fatigue

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Two Products for Cold, Cough, and Upper Respiratory Infection

Sitopaladi Churnam is useful in Cough, burning sensation in palms and soles, numbness of the tongue, blood spitting, indigestion, fever, intercostal neuralgia and tastelessness

Vasakot Syrup (100 ml) is an ideal herbal combination for cough and other respiratory problems. It soothes the throat and clears the respiratory tract, effective in cough associated with cold.

Two Lehams

Parushakadi Leham is useful in acidity control and acid peptic disorders

Puli Leham is useful for indigestion, postpartum, scanty menstruation, dysmenorrhea, and obesity. 

Highly Requested Churnam

Ashwagandha Churnam is useful for all vata disorders, emaciation, fatigue, loss of libido.


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