Irregular Menstrual Cycle: An Ayurvedic Case Study

Irregular Menstrual Cycle: An Ayurvedic Case Study

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Irregular menstrual cycle, also called oligomenorrhea, can occur if there is a change in contraception method, a hormone imbalance, hormonal changes around the time of menopause, or endurance exercises. According to the Ayurvedic text, this condition is correlated with artava kshaya or low menstrual blood.

This type of menstrual problem is increasing with modern life due to sedentary lifestyles, unwholesome food and habits and living a stressful life.

Case Study

A married female client of 35 years, who is by profession a software engineer, came into my office looking for holistic help.

For two months she had a constant mild pain in her lower abdomen and her menstrual cycle had been delayed for the past year. Prior to the last year her menstrual cycle was normal. She had been married for 7 years and had a 6-year-old child. 

Every cycle her menstruation was delayed by 15 - 30 days and lasts for 5-7 days with severe lower abdominal cramps. The initial first 2 days the pain was worse and during this time she took pain medication. Her medical doctor prescribed pain medicine and hormonal treatment, which she took for 4 months with no significant improvement.

Medical History:

  • History: Nothing Significant
  • Family History: Nothing Significant
  • Bowel movements: Irregular
  • Appetite: Moderate
  • Micturition: 4-5 Times Per Day
  • Sleep: Poor


  • Pulse: 68 Beats Per Min
  • Blood Pressure: 130/80 mmhg
  • Jivha: Nirama (uncoated)
  • Shabda (sound)Prakrutha (normal)
  • Sparsha (touch)Prakrutha (normal)
  • Druk (vision)Prakrutha (normal)
  • Akruthi (body frame): Moderate
  • Prakruthi (constitution)Kapha Pradhanvata
  • Cardiovascular system: Normal
  • Respiratory system: Normal
  • Pallor: Present

Menstrual History

  • Menarche Onset: 13 Years of Age
  • Number of Pads: 2 or 3 Pads Per Day First 4 Days, then 1 or 2 Pads Per Day
  • Character: Dark Red Color
  • Odor: No Foul Smell
  • Intermittent Cramps: Lower Abdomen and Low Backache

Client’s Detail Daily Regimen Assessment

As she is a software engineer, her entire lifestyle was sedentary and stressful. She was indulging in excess salty, spicy, hot, penetrating foods, continuously working more than 10 hours per day, suppressing natural urges like urine and stool, an excessive consumption of wine, sleeping in and late nights and psychogenic factors like worry.

Due to the above etiology factors, vata and pitta dosha became aggravated, especially vata dosha vitiation which further vitiates rasa dhatu (first body tissue) and artavaha srotas. Artava is the upadhatu of rasa dhatu and causes artava kshaya.

Diet and Lifestyle Changes Recommended to Her

  • Reduce intake of spicy and salty foods
  • Avoid late nights
  • Avoid over exertion and wine intake
  • Avoid vata aggravating foods and lifestyle factors
  • Regular practice of self-oil massage
  • Practicing yoga and pranayama to relax mind
  • Reduce mental stress

Herbal Supplements to Address the Issues

  1. Gandharvahastadi Kashayam
  2. Avipathi Churnam
  3. Sukumara Kwath tablets
  4. Sukumara Ghritam
  5. Dashamoola Arishtam

Ayurvedic Treatment Protocol:

Irregular menstrual cycles are a condition which manifests from an excess of vata dosha aggravation, specifically it is apana vayu vikruti. The client was initially given vatanulomana chikitsa by administering Gandharvahastadi Kshayam and Avipathi Churnam. This helps to eliminate excess vata and pitta dosha and corrects the agni which improves the proper formation of rasa dhatu (first body tissue).

This has a direct impact on the proper formation of artava (menstrual blood). Later Sukumara Kwath tablets and Sukumara Ghritam are given to balance female hormones and correct any type of pathology within the uterus. Dashamoola Arishtam helps to ease the cramping during periods and acts as a pain medication.

After following the entire program for 2 months, her menstrual cycle started to become more regular, and the cramping pain was reduced. The client was advised to continue the full program for 4 months until her cycle returned to normal. She is now free from pain and cramps and was advised to continue following proper diet and lifestyle as per Ayurvedic recommendations.

How An In-Depth Health Consultation Can Help Irregular Menstrual Cycle

When an Irregular Menstrual Cycle is accompanied by pain and becomes chronic the best option is to enlist the expertise of an Ayurvedic Vaidya. An in-depth Ayurvedic health consultation will offer you a fresh look at your condition and help you understand your root cause. Once the root cause is known, then personalized foods, activities and herbal protocols can be recommended to bring your body back into balance. Vaidya Vishwanath Guddadar is offering Ayurvedic Consultations for all your health concerns. It’s easy and quick to book!

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