Healing Liver Disorders With Ayurveda

Healing Liver Disorders With Ayurveda

Liver Support

The Liver is Pitta's Primary Location and Main Purpose is Blood Purification and to Regulate Metabolism

Optimizing Liver Function is Vital for Health

  • Produces bile to remove waste and break down fats
  • Produces proteins for blood plasma
  • Produces cholesterol to transport fats through the body
  • Stores excess glucose for energy as needed
  • Processes amino acids which are building blocks for proteins
  • Processes hemoglobin for using iron (the liver stores iron)
  • Processes immune factors which increase immunity
  • Converts ammonia to urea to excrete in the urine
  • Purifies the blood of drugs and poisonous substances
  • Regulates blood clotting
  • Regulates bilirubin 

 Ayurveda Classifies Liver Disorders Two Ways

  • Diminished function
  • Enlarged liver

Both block liver function causing an array of bodily malfunction. Pandu (anemia) and Kamala (jaundice) are two common disorders. Both are observed through color changes in the skin, eyes, lips, face, nails, urine, and feces. Pandu is pallor (pale) or white and Kamala is yellow or green.

Symptoms of Pandu

Early signs include heart palpitations, dryness, pale complexion, absence of sweat, and fatigue. As it progresses deeper symptoms of weakness develop, and include low digestive capacity, loss of appetite, loss of balance, body pain, fever, shortness of breath, weight loss, exhaustion, and tinnitus. The person feels as if the limbs are being squeezed, there is swelling around the eyes, lusterless pale complexion, hair loss, irritability, aversion to cold, continual sleeping, dislikes speaking, cramping calves, and generalized weakness in the lumbar region, thighs, and feet.

Symptoms of Kamala

Symptoms develop from a pitta provoking diet and lifestyle. Kamala may develop from Pandu or on its own. Bilirubin is affected and yellowish or greenish discoloration of the eyes, skin, face, nails, and urine is present. Other symptoms include anorexia, debility, indigestion, and weakness.

Ayurvedic Protocol

All persons with Pandu or Kamala should follow the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor. General recommendations for Pandu include strong bitter herbs, snehana (internal oleation) followed by shodana therapy. Recommendations for Kamala include bitter herbs along with a milder version of shodana therapy.

Reference: Caraka Cikitsa Sthana 16 - Management of Pandu and Kamala

Products For Liver Disorders

Livokot Tablet is a unique herbal combination having hepato-protective function that helps in the treatment of liver disorders of varied etiology. An ideal combination of Phyllanthus niruri and Swertia chirata improves liver function while also improving digestion and appetite. The synergistic action of these herbs helps to reduce serum bilirubin levels at a faster rate.

Bitter Herbal Products

Kumarya Asavam is useful for liver disorders, menopause, and anemia.

Dasamulapanchakoladi Kashayam is mainly useful for ascitis, chronic liver disorders, and constipation.

Drakshadi Kwatham is useful for liver disorders, fever, alcohol intoxication, vomiting, vertigo, burning sensation, general debility, thrombocytopenia, anxiety, and insomnia - reduces mental stress.

Patolakaturohinyadi Kwatham is useful in skin disorders, allergic skin, and liver disorders, vomiting, and toxicity.

Tiktakam Kwatham is useful in liver and skin disorders of inflammatory nature, anemia, non-healing ulcers, thyroid dysfunction, inflammatory bowel disorder, anxiety, mental stress, leucoderma, leucorrhoea, and seizure disorders.

Products for Snehana (internal oleation)

Dadimadi Ghritam is highly effective in anemia, jaundice, dyspepsia.

Kalyanaka Ghritam is highly used in insanity, hysteria, epileptic fits, bilious complaints.

Mahatiktaka Ghritam is specific for all skin disorders caused by excessive heat or pitta.



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