Chyavanaprasam: The Ayurvedic Superfood

Ayurvedic Self Care Lehams Rasayana

The Theory Behind the Legend

Chyavanaprasam is packed with vitamins essential for a healthy body and calm mind. Ayurvedic families have been taking it on a daily basis to promote health and longevity for many years and even generations. But why? Why is this ancient recipe still used so widely and frequently, even thousands of years after its creation?

Because Chyavanaprasam has incredible and powerful benefits for all doshic types. It boosts the immune system and metabolism, and supports healthy respiratory function along with building ojas, the very essence of life and vitality in Ayurveda. It is one of our most powerful Rasayanas or rejuvenating products frequently used to rejuvenate after panchakarma. It is also very nourishing for the heart, bones and kidneys. Practitioners frequently recommend Chyavanaprasam to support the strength and healing of both the male and female reproductive system, the digestive system and the lungs.

Ayurvedic legend has it that Chyavanaprasam was actually created for an elderly sage, Chyavana, to help him maintain his youthfulness. It can be consumed by the entire family, from young children to your grandparents!


How To Take Chyavanaprasam

Take Chyavanaprasam right off of the spoon with a warm glass of either cow milk or nut milk! It's typically most beneficial to take it in the mornings, shortly after waking up. According to Ayurveda, cow milk carries the benefits of Chyavanaprasam deep into the tissue layers of the body. (It's also totally delicious and sweet!)

What is Chyavanaprasam and how does it benefit me?

Chyavanaprasam is quite dark in color with a rich, sweet taste and texture, very similar to jam. Along with the sweet taste, Chyavanaprasam is also a little bit sour and tangy. Chyavanaprasam contains about 40 different Ayurvedic herbs and our formula is made according to the classical recipe. The main ingredient of Chyavanaprasam is amalaki fruit (Amla) which offers a very high level of vitamin C, along with honey, ghee and raw sugar are the other major ingredients.

Chyavanaprasam is highly popular Ayurvedic supplement that promotes youthful skin, vigor and a strong immune system. It rejuvenates the dhatus (tissues) especially rasa (plasma), rakta (blood), mamsa (muscles), shukra (male reproduction), and artava (female reproduction).

  • Immune System: boosts the body’s natural defenses by supporting the production of both hemoglobin and white blood cells and nourishes the mucous membranes of the lungs.
  • Recovery: rejuvenates and strengthens the body and increases energy.
  • Digestion: increases metabolism and promotes regular digestion and elimination.
  • Skin: supports bright, healthy skin.
  • Reproductive System: it nourishes the reproductive tissues, supports fertility and a healthy libido in both men and women.

When Should I take Chyavanaprasam?

The winter season is a beneficial time to begin taking Chyavanaprasam because of how easy it is to become ill during the cold months and it will help boost immunity. If your dominant pitta, be cautious if you’re taking it during the summer or if you have severe indigestion or diarrhea.

Another ideal time to take Chyavanaprasam is during times of high stress or busy work schedule. It will strengthen the body and help avoid "Burnout" which is a common cause for illness. Constant stress will cause exhaustion that leads to degeneration of the body and mind. Chyavanaprasam was created to prevent debility and illness.

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