Guidelines from India's Union Ministry of Health on Post-COVID Care

Guidelines from India's Union Ministry of Health on Post-COVID Care

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'Recovered COVID-19 Patients May Continue to Experience Fatigue and Body Ache'

A growing number of the 4 million U.S. COVID-19 patients say they can't shake symptoms ranging from fatigue to serious respiratory or neurological problems, often for months after diagnosis. (Survey, July 2020)

New York City's Mount Sinai hospital appears to have the first post-COVID treatment center in the U.S. A study of 143 patients in Italy in July 2020 found 87% of patients who had recovered from COVID-19 reported at least one lingering symptom, notably fatigue and trouble breathing.

Natalie Lambert, an Indiana University associate research professor, analyzed at least 1,100 responses to a poll about post-COVID-19 symptoms in the 81,000-member Survivor Corps Facebook group. More than half of the patients reported at least one of six symptoms, including the now-common fatigue and breathing problems.

This is the story everywhere. On Sept 24, 2020, India had 4.67 million posts, COVID patients. In view of this - The Union Ministry of Health, Govt of India on Sept 13, 2020, issued guidelines for post-COVID management. The guidelines provide an integrated holistic approach for managing patients who have recovered enough from COVID for care at home.

Post-COVID protocol for individuals
At the individual level, the document recommended the continuation of COVID-appropriate behavior such as wearing face masks, physical distancing, etc. It recommended drinking warm water, if not contraindicated. It also said individuals should practice mild/moderate exercise such as taking walks, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. "If health permits, regular household work to be done. Professional work should be resumed in a graded manner," the document stated.

The document also recommended following a balanced nutritious diet, taking adequate rest, and avoiding smoking/consumption of alcohol. The document recommended taking immunity promoting AYUSH medicine, such as one teaspoonful of Chyavanaprasam in the morning with lukewarm water/milk (under the direction of a Registered Ayurveda physician).

Other remedies include consuming warm milk with half a teaspoonful Turmeric Powder (morning/evening), gargling with turmeric and salt, 1-3 grams of Mulethi (Licorice) Powder in lukewarm water twice daily if an individual experiences dry cough, etc. If there is a persistent dry cough/ sore throat take steam inhalation. Cough medication is also taken on advice from medical doctors or qualified practitioners of Ayush.

The Health Ministry cautioned, "[The document] is not meant to be used as preventive/curative therapy. The recovery period is likely to be longer for patients who suffered from a more severe form of the disease and those with pre-existing illness."

Post-COVID Protocol in the Community

The document recommended recovered COVID-19 patients share their experiences with friends/relatives, or through social media, to spread awareness and reduce the stigma. People have been recommended to seek psychosocial support from peers, community health workers, counselors, or mental health support services if required. Group sessions of yoga and meditation have also been recommended, provided health precautions like physical distancing are followed.

Healthcare facility: Post-COVID protocol at healthcare facility

The first follow-up visit (physical/telephonic) should be within 7 days after discharge, preferably at the hospital where one received treatment. Severe patients require a more stringent follow-up. Subsequent treatment/follow-up visits maybe with the nearest qualified allopathic/AYUSH practitioner/medical facility of other systems of medicine. However, polytherapy should be avoided.


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