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Know Us Better

Who are we?

An online platform to deliver solutions to digestive health
problems through our products and services.

What we offer?

Ayurvedic Digestive Health Wellness Products

Health Consultation

Online Webinars

Where are we presently serving?

We are presently delivering products across the United States.

We invite users across the globe to enroll into our educational programs.

How do we deliver our product and services?

We deliver our Ayurvedic products through our own channel partner.

The education is imparted online and anyone can easily register for our programs on our website.


Whom are we catering?


Ayurvedic Practitioners


Individual buyers

Our Vision

To leverage the use of Ayurveda (formed in roots and not in lab) for betterment of health and wellness.


Short-term goals

Awareness initiatives

Brand building

Consumer acquisition

Consumer’s loyalty

Long-term goals

Customer acquisition and retention

Product diversification

Geographic expansion


Mission Statement

Build a healthy and happy consumer community.

Increase awareness of Ayurveda among the masses.

Values- The root of our business

Root 1: Transparency 

We are an open book to our consumers

Root 2: Accountability

We take up the responsibility of all actions

Root 3: Quality 

We build loyalty through quality products

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