Digestive Health Immunity Recipe

Turmeric Pickle Recipe

This is a tasty recipe made from raw turmeric root and is very healthy. Turmeric is said to cure the whole person and is useful for digestive complaints, liver and blood disorders, fevers, sore throat, respiratory congestion, and overall anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial. 

Turmeric Pickle is used as a condiment alongside many grain, legume or vegetable dishes.


• 1 cup fresh turmeric roots
• 3 Tbs. of Coconut or Olive oil
• 1 tsp Black Mustard Seed (less for pitta)
• ½ tsp Hing (less for pitta)
• 1 teaspoon Masala Pickle
• ½ tsp Pink Salt


1. Wash and dry the roots, then peel and chop very finely.
2. Heat the oil on medium, then add mustard seeds and hing and stir until seeds pop.
3. Once cool, pour over the chopped turmeric.
4. Add the masala pickle and pink salt and stir everything well.
5. Seal in an airtight container and refrigerate up to one month.


• Taste is pungent, bitter, astringent
• Qualities are heating, drying, absorbent
• Good for all doshas (smaller amounts for pitta)
• Digestion – improves digestion, relieves gas and bloating
• Immunity – anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial
• Respiratory – dries the mucous from sinuses and throat


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