9 Simple Ayurvedic Practices to De-Stress

9 Simple Ayurvedic Practices to De-Stress

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  1. Eat your lunch without screens or music: When it is time for a lunch break, eat your meal in silence without the stress of work, TV shows, social media or even music. If possible, eat while you are in nature, without distracting yourself from your food or any emotions that may come up in the silence. This will help you create an island of calmness in you.
  2. Walking meditation: Especially in the mornings and the evenings, go for a walk around your neighborhood or preferably in nature. Bask in the natural sounds around you or the quiet, without having earbuds in or talking on the phone. Do your best to be present with yourself and your emotions. 
  3. Find inner peace before any activity or event:  Always aim to be calm and grounded before you engage in any activity, but especially before stressful ones. Once the strenuous activity is over, bring yourself back to calmness and serenity. By incorporating these "islands" of serenity into your day, you will be able to handle the stress in your life with much more ease.

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4. Remove toxins from your body: For eliminating Ama (toxins), book a series of consultations with an ayurvedic practitioner. Cleansing rituals such as Panchakarma (practiced under supervision) is a majorly helpful practice for a thorough healing. 

5. Use food as your medicine:  Pay attention to your diet. Eat whole foods, fresh and organic foods. Avoid processed foods, foods that are rich in pesticides or foods that are rich in preservatives. By keeping the diet whole fresh organic, you’ll have a greater possibility for getting good nutrition from your food that will translate into clean tissue. Make sure that you eat portion sizes that are well cooked and spiced, so you don’t have any digestive disturbance. And, if you can digest your food without any gas, bloating, burning, belching and heaviness, then you can pretty safely assume you are not generating new toxicity from your digestive system.

6. Drink purified and filtered water: It is essential that the water you drink is clean to help you remove Ama from your tissues, support a healthy liver, and balance the Doshas. You can also drink herbal tea that support cleansing of the liver like red raspberry, red clover, dandelion, milk thistle, burdock or acacia tea.

7. Exercise on a regular basis:  A regular schedule of exercise is one of the best ways to stabilize Dhatu Agni and have a healthy body and mind. Exercise releases beneficial hormones that promote feelings of happiness. 

8. Sleep for 7 - 8 hours each night: Getting enough sleep is essential for your body as it gives the liver sufficient time to clear the blood of toxins. Also, Ayurveda recommends that you get into bed by 10 PM to have enough time for the body to heal itself, digest the events of the day, and fully rest. Please read our series on sleep for more about the importance of enough rest. 

9. Avoid drugs, alcohol and refined sugar: By avoiding these items, you will ultimately have a healthier body and mind without the stress of toxins in and on the body. Alcohol and drugs in particular have a hugely damaging effect on your entire being. Also make sure that anything you consume is free of pesticides and preservatives!


All views and information shared here is only for the sharing of Ayurvedic knowledge. Please do not try or prescribe or take any of the remedies and suggestions here without talking to your regular, qualified doctor. Kottakkal Ayurveda and no other person associated with Kottakkal is responsible for unwanted side-effects or contraindications in your health.

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